The Best Beginner Controllers for DJs

Embarking on a DJ journey requires the right equipment, and for beginners, choosing an ideal DJ controller is pivotal. A DJ controller acts as the central hub for mixing tracks, controlling effects, and enhancing the overall music experience. This guide offers in-depth insights into selecting the best beginner DJ controllers, tailored to your needs and aspirations in the world of DJing.

Top Picks for Beginner DJ Controllers

1. Pioneer DDJ-200: The Pioneer for Starters

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The Pioneer DDJ-200 is well-suited for beginners or those seeking a portable, budget-friendly DJ controller with versatile software compatibility and essential features for learning and practicing DJ skills.

  • Price: Varies based on retailer and region. Typically found in the affordable range for entry-level DJ controllers.
  • Launched: The exact launch date varies, but the DDJ-200 has been available since at least 2019.
  • Power: Powered via USB.
  • Features:
    • 2-channel DJ controller.
    • Supports Bluetooth for wireless connection to devices.
    • Lightweight and portable design.
    • Compatible with multiple streaming services through various software.
  • Software:
    • Compatible with a variety of DJ software including WeDJ, djay, and edjing Mix.
    • Can be used with streaming services like Beatport, SoundCloud, TIDAL, and Beatsource via the respective software.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Compact and lightweight, but specific dimensions and weight should be checked based on the product model and version.
  • Additional Features:
    • Ideal for beginners with an easy-to-use interface.
    • Features include Transition FX for smooth track transitions, Tutorial and Pop-Hint features in WeDJ for iPhone for learning purposes.
  • Why Choose: Ideal for aspiring DJs, the DDJ-200 offers a seamless transition into the world of mixing with its user-friendly interface and versatile features.

2. Numark Party Mix: Party Starter Essential

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The Numark Party Mix is an entry-level DJ controller that stands out for its built-in light show and affordability, making it a popular choice among beginners and those looking for a simple, fun DJing experience.

  • Price: The price varies by region and retailer. The Numark Party Mix is generally considered an affordable option for entry-level DJ controllers.
  • Launched: The exact launch date may vary, but it has been on the market for several years, catering to beginners and hobbyist DJs.
  • Power: The controller is USB-powered.
  • Features:
    • Two-channel DJ controller.
    • Built-in light show for enhancing the party atmosphere.
    • Audio outputs for speakers and headphone preview.
    • Sync buttons for easy mixing control.
    • 1/8-inch headphone jack for cueing.
  • Software:
    • Unlocks Serato DJ Lite for free when plugged in.
    • Offers a paid upgrade to Serato DJ Pro.
    • Compatible with streaming services when used with Serato DJ Lite.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Compact and portable, but specific dimensions and weight should be confirmed based on the product model and version.
  • Additional Features:
    • Designed for beginner DJs with easy-to-use controls.
    • Includes cool effects and multiple pad modes with looping and sampling.
  • Why Choose: Numark Party Mix is perfect for beginners looking for an affordable, yet feature-rich controller to start their DJing journey.

3. Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200: Mastering the Beats

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 is a great entry-level controller, offering an array of features that cater to beginners, such as the Beatmatch Guide and intuitive pad modes. Its compact size and USB power source make it a convenient option for DJs on the go.

    • Price: Approximately $129 / ยฃ99 / โ‚ฌ109, though this may vary based on the retailer and region.
    • Launched: September 2018.
    • Power: USB-powered.
    • Features:
      • 2-channel controller perfect for beginners.
      • Touch-sensitive jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching.
      • 8 performance pads with 4 pad modes, including Serato Stems.
      • Built-in Beatmatch Guides to assist in learning manual beatmatching.
      • 2-band channel EQ with filter and gain control knobs.
      • Compact and portable design.
    • Software:
      • Includes Serato DJ Lite and is compatible with Serato DJ Pro.
      • Also comes with DJUCED software, offering creative features like STEMS for mixing.
    • Dimensions and Weight:
      • Size: 12.6 x 7.7 x 1.9 inches / 320 x 195 x 49 mm.
      • Weight: 2.0 lb / 0.9 kg.
    • Additional Features:
      • LED beatmatch guides for easy track syncing.
      • Pre-mapped Stems Pad Mode for creative mixing.
      • RCA master output for connecting to external speakers.
  • Why Choose: This controller is designed for beginners who wish to quickly learn and master the basics of DJing, offering intuitive features and educational tools.

Key Features to Consider in a DJ Controller

  • Software Compatibility: Ensure the controller is compatible with popular DJ software like Serato, Traktor, or VirtualDJ.
  • Jog Wheels: Essential for scratching and navigating through tracks.
  • Connectivity Options: Look for USB, Bluetooth, and audio output options for flexibility.
  • Built-in Features: Effects, pads, and knobs for creative control over your mixes.


With the right DJ controller, beginners can swiftly navigate their way into becoming skilled DJs. By considering the features, advantages, and tips outlined in this guide, you’re on your way to making an informed choice and embarking on an exciting DJ journey.

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